Listing & Review Monitoring

Let DBE monitor your brand's listing and reviews. We'll make sure you're showing up to customers and generating positive buzz.

Review Emails & Responses

Focus on running your core business, while DBE automates and professionally, courteously responds to routine customer inquiries.

Buybox Management

Competing with other sellers? Let DBE Digital advise and manage your pricing, shipping, and position in Amazon's coveted buy box.

Brand Registry

You own your brand. With DBE Digital on board, you'll feel confident that its integrity and value is being monitored and maintained.

Email Automation

Reach out to customers for reviews automatically and begin building a database of buyer data. DBE Digital develops advanced technology for your benefit.

Easy Reporting

Stay in the loop about your brand's performance and visibility with transparent, easy-to-understand monthly reports, advice and analysis.

Graphic of tablet showing two e-commerce products with 5-star reviews due to high Amazon performance

Start growing and protecting your brand

DBE Digital understands the value you've put into building your brand. Our proprietary systems, techniques and custom solutions for managing Amazon will ease the burden on you. We've generated proven increases in sales, reviews and customer satisfaction for companies in San Diego and Carlsbad.

If you've got a brand you're looking to take to the next level on the Amazon marketplace, get in touch today!

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